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3D Design

Desired Lines is a collection of 9 pieces that work together as a cohesive set, while still allowing each piece to have the capability to act alone. 

Focusing on the connection between people and furniture by elevating imperfection. Desired lines has evidence of hand work and amplifies the dialog between the maker and user allowing each to contribute to the value of the pieces.​


This collection goes into great detail on its own page out of 'works' in the header. 

alllllll  .293.png
console front.271.png
mirror .269.png
Desire lines all pieces but mirror.265.p


The new Emeco chair concept. In collaboration with Gregg Buchbinder of Emeco I was challenged to come up with a chair that fits the brand and feel of Emeco's Story. 

The 'For him her and I' chair was one that fits with emeco as each version is a recycled type of wood that is fit into the welded aluminum structure. 









Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 7.16.50 PM.JPG
Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 7.17.27 PM.JPG


A concept for a set of playgrounds that have the versatility to be indoor and outdoor. 

A concrete 'wave' that children could both climb on as well as lay with their friends and even enjoy with their parents. Wanting there to be some sorts of flowers and plants next to it, to feel like an outdoor space if it happened to be indoors.

Intended for the age group of any and all children from 4 years old and up. There is space to climb on as well as hanging below. Having a combination of both vegetation and play. Giving children the perfect short play anywhere. A few different levels offering diversity for the age groups that potentially will play on...


238 final rendering scene.14.jpg
238 final rendering scene.15.jpg
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